Types of Dachshunds

Dachshunds also referred to as sausage dogs or wiener dogs belong to the scent hound breeds category that includes other well-known breeds like bloodhounds and beagles.

 You’ll come across different types or variations of dachshunds based on the dog breed’s coat (hair texture), size, and color. However, the ‘coat’ and the ‘size’ are two chief parameters normally taken into consideration for distinguishing one dachshund from another.

Classifying dachshunds by their hair type or coat

There are three distinct kinds of dachshunds when it comes to distinguishing the dogs by their coat type; shorthaired (smooth haired), longhaired, and wire-haired.

Longhaired dachshunds 

You can identify a longhaired dachshund by its distinctive coat, which is comprised of silky and long hairs. The smooth and velvety hairs lend a sleek and glossy feel to the coat.

Canine experts and zoologists are strong of the opinion that a specific line of dachshunds with a longhaired coat evolved chiefly to shelter the dogs from inclement weather. 

Longhaired dachshunds also have an undercoat that closely resembles the outer coat. The long hairs of the coat tend to be more prominent on specific areas of the dog’s body. These areas include the belly underside, back of the legs, the neck, ears, and the tail. 

Owing to the prevalence of longer hairs on particular sections of the dachshund, the coat appears lengthier in those specific parts, compared to other areas.

The hairs covering the tail of the dog tend to be the longest, which helps in balancing the overall appearance. At the same time, the long hairs on the tail make the dachshund look extremely cute and charming. 

Grooming longhaired dachshunds poses a problem as you’d have to trim and brush the coat to keep it clean and maintain its sleekness. Dachshunds with longhaired coats shed hairs heavily during spring and autumn. 

Shorthaired dachshunds 

Dachshunds, having smooth coats, usually have hair that tends to be short. It is because of the shortness of the hair that imparts a smooth texture to the dog’s coat. Most of the dachshunds in the US sport a short haired coat that makes them look adorable, sweet, and gorgeous. 

Sometimes known as Smooth dachshunds, short haired dachshunds’ coats have a polished consistency and a dense texture. You do not have to worry much about good care of the coat, thanks to the shorter hairs. You have to comb the coat once weekly to remove the dead or damaged hairs.

Brushing the dachshund’s coat once every seven days, also help maintain the fur’s glossiness. Due to the short hairs, you can easily spot any swellings or bumps on the dog’s coat while you brush the same. It also would not be out to place to mention that by combing your dog’s coat regularly, you strengthen your bonding with the dog.

Wirehaired dachshunds 

Of all the various types of dachshunds, the ones with wirehaired coats happen to be the rarest. Wirehaired dachshunds come with hairs of medium-length which are somewhat wavy lending to them a rugged or rough look.

You can also easily recognize wirehaired dachshunds by the thick crop of hairs on their faces which also makes them appear endearing. 

You will have to brush the wirehaired dachshund’s coat several times a week to prevent them from becoming disheveled. A wirehaired dachshund’s coat is so dense and coarse that even the eyes and mouth appear eclipsed.

However, the coarseness and the denseness of the coat also go a long way in making them look adorable. 

Like the shorthaired dachshunds, the wirehaired dachshunds shed hairs mostly during spring and autumn.


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