How To Keep Dogs Off Couch

All pet parents love their dogs immensely, but for some, pet hair on the couch can be an issue. You then end up buying gadgets like a pet hair vacuum because you have no idea how to stop your dog from sitting on your brand new furniture.

Pet trainers may be able to solve your problem, but we are going to give you some ideas that will help you keep your furry friend off the couch. For starters, let your family know that no animals are allowed on the furniture.  Consistency is key here.  If one family member forgets to enforce the rule, you may have to start all over.

Tips to Keep Your Furniture Pet Free

Similarly, whenever you spot your dog on your favorite easy chair, use a treat to remove him.  He will soon begin to associate the treat with obeying you and coming off the chair. We’ll tell you some more tips and tricks so you can have your furniture free from your pet’s hair.

1. What If I’m Not Home?

There are several ways to deal with this issue.  Placing boxes in the way can work, as they become a hindrance to the animal.  Dogs are not fans of sudden noises, try placing some pebbles in a tin can.  Attach the can to the couch, and when the dog lands on the cushion, he will be unpleasantly surprised.

2. How Do I Keep My Pet Off of My Couch?

If your dog is trained correctly, you won't need anything else to cure this habit.  Furthermore, begin the training early on, while he is still a puppy.  The next step is to reward him with a treat if he obeys your command to leave the couch.

There are, of course, other methods.

3. Will Tin Foil Keep My Dog Off My Couch?

Aluminum foil is a godsend when it comes to defending your couch against your dog.  You can use it in several ways to deter man’s best friend.  You can simply cut the foil and place it on your couch. Remember to tuck in the edges, otherwise, your pet can simply slide it off.  If that doesn’t work, try some aluminum cans.  When your dog jumps on the sofa, the cans make noise and he starts slipping because of the sheet. This is an effective and harmless way to turn him off to the couch.

4. Will Sprays Work?

There are sprays known as "bitter apple sprays" that can help you keep your dog from chewing the furniture.  They can also be used to keep him off the couch.  These sprays have a strong, repulsive smell. Fortunately, you can make something similar at home.

You will need an equal ratio of white vinegar and apple cider vinegar.  Just mix them and pour them into a spray bottle.  Pay attention to your dog's favorite spots and just spray them with this mixture. This method tends to work very quickly.

5. What If I Invite My Dog To Sit With Me?

The first step here is training, and training at an early age.  A good trainer can be a game-changer.  Treats will help here as well.  You can also show him that there are consequences for disobeying you.  If your dog jumps on the couch without an invitation, just scold him and skip the Frisbee session.

Make sure to reward good behavior, possibly with treats or favorite types of food.  Rewards will create good habits.  Your dog will understand that jumping on the couch doesn’t help his cause.

6. How Do I Stop My Dog From Destroying My Carpet?

Step number one is to try placing a piece of furniture on the spot that your pet frequents.  You can also cover the carpet with aluminum foil.  This will confuse him and he will not likely want to chew.

You can also try buying your pet pal his own rug or piece of carpet.  Place it outside his doghouse.  He may learn to prefer his own to yours.

Nothing can really take the place of good training, but our hope is that these tips will help around your home.


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