How Much Do Huskies Weigh?

Huskies are a lithe and athletic breed with muscular bodies. Despite their name, Huskies are only mid-sized dogs. The average adult male Husky weighs about 44-60 pounds. A female adult Husky will average 35-51 pounds.

This energetic breed grows quickly, so enjoy your cuddly Husky puppy while you can. A Husky will reach their peak height in about one year and will continue to flesh out and gain weight until they’re two years old.

This weight chart will give you an idea of what weights to expect at different ages.


Female Husky

Male Husky

7-8 weeks

8 – 12 lbs.

10 – 15 lbs.

12 weeks

18 – 30 lbs.

23 – 30 lbs.

6 months

26 – 36 lbs.

33 – 43 lbs.

9 months

33 – 46 lbs.

40 – 53 lbs.

1 year

34 – 49 lbs.

43 – 57 lbs.

18 months – 2 years

35 – 50 lbs.

45 – 60 lbs.


Is My Husky Overweight?

A healthy weight is important for your Husky’s health. A visual examination can help you see if your Husky is overweight. Generally, if the waist area is wider than the chest area, then your Husky is probably carrying more weight than is healthy.

Even with an active lifestyle, Huskies are prone to becoming overweight so you will need to monitor their diet and ensure they get enough exercise every day.

Here are some tips to keep your Husky from becoming too heavy.

  • Lean meat and healthy fats should make up the majority of your Husky’s diet. Buy quality dog food and limit snacks and treats.
  • If your Husky is overweight, adjust their meal portions to 70% of what you’re currently feeding them. You can feed them more when you notice some weight loss.
  • Most overweight dogs are overfed on scraps from the table. Human food often has more fat and calories than is healthy for your dog. Resist the urge to feed your pet table scraps.
  • Huskies are an active breed that requires regular exercise. Make sure your Husky is getting enough exercise. Gradually increase the amount and intensity of activity your Husky is getting to help them shed excess weight.

What to Do if Your Husky is Underweight

An underweight Husky will have a small girth and in some cases, their rib bones will be visible. How do you help your Husky reach a healthy weight?

  • A protein-rich diet is essential for the growth of your Husky. Look for a dog food that is specifically formulated for large and athletic breeds.
  • Regular exercise is important for Huskies as it encourages muscle development. Make sure your Husky gets enough exercise for them to build up their muscles and attain a healthy weight.
  • If the dog remains underweight and displays a lack of appetite, have your vet check for underlying health conditions.




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