What To Feed A Sick Dog

When a dog is sick, it is important to keep it hydrated. While a little vomiting may not be cause for alarm, it is best to call your veterinarian and get a second opinion. The next stage is to withhold food for 12 – 24 hours to allow the stomach a chance to calm down. When ready to introduce food once more, you should pick foods that are healthy yet gentle on the stomach. The food should be easy to breakdown and encourage your dog to drink.

  • Use bone broth to ensure your sick dog stays hydrated

It is important that your dogs stay hydrated when they do not feel well. Bone broth truly gets dogs interested, and it has many supplements dogs need. Bone broth is very simple to make at home, but you can find it in stores. While chicken is typically used for bone broth, you can make it with any protein to which your dog is not allergic.

There are a huge number of brands that sell bone broth. Many offer it in canned food or frozen sections of your pet store. It may also be bought as a powder. Make sure your dog can eat the protein source before you purchase it.

If you can't make bone stock, a normal onion-free broth will encourage drinking also, as would any flavored dog water solutions. You can likewise include an herbal supplement that contains papaya leaf, slippery elm, and pumpkin seeds to help with absorption. 

Gluten-free and grain-free food alternatives, avoid chicken and rice


Pick a lean protein: Lean proteins will, in general, have less flavor than the fattier options. Tasteless food is easier on an upset stomach. Quail is recommended, but you could use lean lamb, lean beef, and venison.

It is best to purchase bone-in meat and afterward cook the whole thing while you are making the bone broth as referenced previously.

Eggs are an amazing protein source for your sick dog. They are easily digested and tasty; if chicken eggs are not available., consider duck eggs.

Pick a delicate, absorbable starch. For cereal tolerant dogs, gluten-free oats can be a great choice. For dogs with hypersensitivities, custard pearls are the go-to grain-free option in contrast to chicken and rice. Steamed white potatoes are also a good option for those dogs.

After a few days, you can gradually introduce regular dog food. After two to three days of custard pearls and bone broth, attempt to feed your dog small portions of regular raw food. If it does not throw up,  gradually increase the size of the meal. 

With these tips, you can hopefully help your pet get back to feeling better quickly.


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