How Often Do Dogs Need Rabies Shots

The biggest misconception that some of today’s pet owners deal with is that the deadly disease rabies doesn’t exist. It not only exists but can cause the death of your pet. Rabies isn’t a myth anymore as it has started attacking pets irrespective of precautionary measures.

One shot of rabies can last for one to three years, depending on what you choose, but in the long run, it can be your pet's best weapon to safeguard its safety.

We think that just because our dog remains indoors throughout the day, it won’t get rabies. This is utterly wrong as even when you take your pet out for a daily walk, it can come in contact with wild bats, cats or even other animals that can transfer the rabies elements.

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1) What does a rabies shot do for dogs?

The rabies shot saves your dog from the rabies virus.  If you live somewhere near forests, then your dog is always at risk of catching rabies transmitted through contact with infected wildlife. The rabies shots help prevent infections.

2) What shots do dogs need every year?

When your dog is 12 to 24 weeks old, a rabies shot is the best medical step towards your dog's health. Other shots like parainfluenza or parvovirus are also equally important. You can choose either a one-year rabies shot or a three year shot, as both work efficiently.

As your animal keeps growing, the category changes from a larger list to just a few important ones. However, rabies shots should always be on the list during annual veterinarian check-ups.

3) How often do dogs need to be vaccinated?

Every state has regulations regarding the annual dog shots. We can't generalize it because this varies for puppies and healthy grown-up dogs. Within the first year after starting the series, one rabies shot is essential, after this, and you can simply increase the gap up to three years. 

This factor is crucial because, in dogs, the immunity increases with age. The intermittent rabies test is quite helpful even if you are parenting an indoor dog.

4) Does rabies vaccine have side effects in dogs?

There are no side effects as such, but your dog may be a victim of slight weakness, swelling or itching. The reason that the symptoms can be taken lightly is that they disappear within two to three days, which is quite normal.

However, to be on the safer side, if the symptoms persist even after four days, your dog needs a thorough examination from the vet because it may have become a victim of an over-dosage of the shot.

5) Should I vaccinate my dog every year?

The easiest way to eliminate the confusion is that the first shot is important after the first series of medical check-up then one shot per year would work fine.

After three years, you may stop for a while because excess can cause metabolic problems which include vomiting, nausea or even high fever. To avoid this, an interval after three years is the most appropriate piece of advice.

Still, if you feel hesitant, consult your dog's vet before taking any step or a pause on your own.

6) How much does dogs' rabies shot cost?

Generally, it costs from 75 to 100 dollars, but the good thing is that in this sum come all the three shots which are required in the series that is important at the age of 6 weeks, 12 and then 16 weeks.

It depends principally on where you live, as places like Hawaii and Australia see rabies in pets often. So in these two countries, the price can be a little higher because you may have to order it from foreign. Otherwise, in most of the states, they are cheaper than other shots.

7) Are yearly rabies shots necessary?

The medical studies have proven that no shot, no matter how important it is, is required yearly. It is because some shots can last up to seven whole years, so if you still keep injecting your dog, the shots may accumulate and can cause shot resistance which is more fatal.

The veterinarians are of the view that one medical check-up before every shot can save your dog from many disorders. Being a dog owner, you should also keep an eye on the clinical state of your dog for further confirmation.

8) Is there a difference between a year and a three-year rabies vaccine?

The best answer is that one goes a long way and can give triple protection to your pet but here is an important point to think about. There are some breeds of dogs like the Labrador, poodle and German shepherds that have already a strong in-built immunity which means that they don't need a three-year rabies vaccine which can cause side effects.

That is why veterinarians have come up with a one-year vaccine. This is the major difference between both so that your pets can get an accurate amount injected into their system without interfering with the natural immunity. If you are enjoying this article, check out our article on the best dog food for dogs with hypothyroidism.

9) How often do dogs need the Bordetella vaccine?

Bordetella is an extremely vital vaccine when it comes to your dog’s long and healthy life. There are two basic aspects that you need to remember before going for Bordetella vaccine are

a) If your dog encounters street dogs various times in a day

b) If it has been more than six months since the last Bordetella vaccine

Wrapping Up

To wrap it all up, vaccinations are a serious matter and need grave attention every year with three-year intervals. For further assistance, it is better to consult your pet's veterinarian.


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