How To Keep Dogs Out Of Flower Beds

Dogs are widely regarded as man's best friend and they have truly earned this title, considering their loyalty and obedience.  That doesn’t mean that your best friend won’t irritate you from time to time.  Sometimes our dogs get into our flowers. 

If you are a person who loves gardening, owning a dog may pose a challenge.  You need not fear, however.  There are methods to help with such a situation.  We have compiled a list of four methods that will help you protect your flower bed.

What Could Be The Problem?

Dogs dig, it’s what they do.  Your dog may begin digging in your backyard simply because he enjoys it.  This is common, but not always the reason.  Other reasons for digging include overheating and even ticks.

We highly recommend that you take a good look at your dog to determine why he digs. Assuming there is an issue, you can always consult your veterinarian.  We also have some solutions for you.

Build a Fence

This might be the best option to keep your dog out of the garden. Building a fence not only serves as a physical and visual obstacle for your dog but it also adds to the overall beauty of your garden.

There are two things that you need to keep in mind while building a fence. First, you should make sure that the fence is tall enough.  Dogs can be great jumpers.  Secondly, use sturdy materials.  This will keep the fence from damage and will help you protect your flower bed or garden longer.

Create A Dig Pit

If your four legged pal is a digger, you can create a dig pit for him.  This option works well if you want to keep his paws away from your garden.  You will need to designate an area near your garden as the acceptable place for digging.

This is one of the wiser choices.  It keeps your garden safe, and yet, allows your canine to dig as he pleases.  If your dog continues to dig in your garden, more training may be needed.

Try an Invisible Fence

Ammonia can be an ally in your struggle against digging.  It has a powerful aroma that can be used to discourage your dog.  Research shows that dogs, much like humans, are turned away by the smell of ammonia.

This stinky barrier is simple to create.  Simply pour some ammonia onto a few coffee filters and place the filters at the corners of your flower bed. This will create an unpleasant smell and discourage your dog from digging.  This is a great deterrent with no real downside.


A very simple and possibly obvious tactic is supervision.  Make sure that your dog never goes outside without you or another person.  This method is simple, yet effective.

If your dog begins to dig while you are outside with him, redirect him.  It is a very common sense approach. Dogs are social animals and you can train them to be companions.  They are like children in some ways.  Showing your disapproval may discourage your dog from digging.  Your dog will understand that this is not acceptable behavior.


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