Do Dogs Have Adams Apples

Adam’s apples are physical features that are noted to be in human beings, but do dogs have them?  Basically, a dog’s throat is similar to that of a human’s, and this article will explore this topic in depth. 

There are some anatomical terms to become familiar with before continuing this article.

  • Larynx--a collection of cartilage flaps over the trachea (windpipe) that open when breathing but close over the trachea when eating or drinking
  • Pharynx--the throat
  • Epiglottis--flap that flips over the larynx during swallowing to prevent food or water going into the windpipe
  • Esophagus--a muscular tube connecting the throat to the stomach

Every dog has them and they work the same as humans. The anatomy of the throat  would start with the pharynx and the passage which is covered with the membranes between the throat and nose. 

What is an Adam’s apple in dogs?

Dogs do have an Adam’s apple, and it is known as the larynx; it sits on the front side of the neck, under the chin. 

Things you need to know about dog’s Adam’s apple:

  1. How can you see your dog’s Adam’s apple?

In order to find your dog’s Adam’s apple, you use your thumb and forefinger and gently move them along the windpipe; you should keep doing this until you see a larger, firm bump in the middle of the neck.  That is the piece of cartilage that we know as the Adam’s apple.

Through gentle pressure on your dog’s throat, you should be able to find it; you must make sure to be gentle to ensure that your pet is comfortable. Though it’s much smaller than a human’s and hidden by fur, it should still be easy to detect.

  1. Not every bump in the throat is an Adam’s apple

If you feel something that is not where the Adam’s apple would be, it may be a lump. If it is a lump, you might also find them in multiple locations, various sizes, and either soft and movable or solid and seemingly attached. If you find a lump, it is best to check with a veterinarian; they may remove some cells to study them to determine what they are. 

Purpose of an Adam’s apple in dogs:

The Adam’s apple does serve a medical function in both dogs and humans. They larynx protects vocal chords, which are necessary in speaking, singing, whispering, laughing, and making any sort of noise. 

Since both humans and dogs have a larynx, they both have an Adam’s apple; however, it is not as easy to see in dogs due to their size and the dog’s fur.


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