Do Dogs Have Eyebrows

Everyone knows that dogs are covered with fur, but do they have eyebrows? For humans, eyebrows prevent sweat from running into our eyes, but dogs cool their body temperature by panting, so they do not sweat. Since that is the case, if dogs have eyebrows, why would they need them?

Though they do not have eyebrows like humans, dogs do have a ridge above their eyes that is covered with thick and scattered fur. This article will look at how dogs use this ridge and which breeds have more pronounced “eyebrows.” 

Use of Eyebrows in Dogs

According to general knowledge, dogs use the ridge above their eyes as a way to express themselves and communicate with humans. It also acts as a shade for their eyes from the sun.

Canine facial expressions and eyebrow movements are part of dogs’ social behavior. In the same way that we learn to move our brows when we show joy, surprise, anger, or sadness, dogs have learned to use their brow ridges as one way to communicate their feelings.This is just one sign of how well dogs have integrated with humans.

Some dogs have small whiskers, or vibrissae, that come out of their eyebrow position; these act as sensors that dogs use to communicate with their environment. These whiskers can sense anything and relay that information to the brain, helping to keep the dog safe.

They also protect the eyes of the dog if it happens to get stuck in a tight spot or is in a bush; since the dog is vulnerable to getting poked in the eyes in these situations, the vibrissae send signals to the brain when in contact with any object close to the eyes which cause the dog to close its eyes to avoid damage.

Ways Dogs Communicate with Their Eyebrows

  • Raised eyebrows--it sees something interesting.

  • Lowered eyebrows--it is confused or angry.

  • One raised eyebrow--it is puzzled or questioning an action.
  • Lowered gaze--it feels guilty or emotionally hurt.

Breeds of Dogs with Eyebrows

Breeds such as rottweilers, Dobermans, German shepherds, Bernese mountain dogs, and even some terrier breeds have what appear to be eyebrows because their ridges have a different colored fur.

There are also some breeds whose ridges are not prominent, such as the pug and the boxer; however, these dogs are no less expressive.   

While dogs technically do not have eyebrows, the ridge above their eyes serve a similar purpose to eyebrows on humans. They use the ridge and vibrissae to express themselves and keep them safe.


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