When do Chihuahuas stop growing?

Almost all dog owners and dog enthusiasts might be aware that the Chihuahua is amongst the smallest of dog breeds. The Chihuahua looks so petite that you might mistake the dog for a puppy. As per AKC’s (American Kennel Club) breeding standards, a fully grown or adult Chihuahua should not weigh over 6 pounds.

A Chihuahua pup develops faster than pups of other dog breeds and attains full size by the end of six months. The Chihuahua pup, following birth, grows the fastest in the first 12 weeks, and after that, the dog’s growth slows down. Once the dog achieves his or her adult size within six months, further growth comes to a full stop.

Size of newborns and checking out the adult size

The fully grown size of the Chihuahua, by and large, depends upon the size of the dog at the time of its birth. The pup Chihuahua generally weighs between 2.5ounces to 6.5ounces, and therefore the heavier the puppy, the more will be its weight when it achieves adulthood. You can compare your pup’s size with the size of the other pups belonging to the litter.

This will give you a pretty good idea of what her size will be when she is fully grown. Keep a note of her size as a pup and weigh her when she is six weeks old. Whatever her weight when her age is six weeks, double this figure after every six weeks until she is six months old.

How to Check & Compare?

For instance, if your pup weighs 24 oz (ounces) six weeks after her birth, then keep doubling the number till you get 96 ounces. Put if your pup weighs 24 ounces at the end of six weeks, she’ll weigh 96oz after 24 weeks or six months. Dividing the figure by 16 (1 pound = 16 ounces) gives you your Chihuahua’s weight in pounds i.e. 6 pounds.

So, your puppy whose weight was 24 ounces after six weeks of birth is likely to weigh 6 pounds when she becomes an adult.

Growth stages of the Chihuahua

Chihuahuas grow very faster, much quicker than other dog breeds, especially large dogs, and also live longer. A Chihuahua usually lives for about 12-15 years, and if you take good care of your Chihuahua, then she might even live for 20 years. The dog is ready to reproduce once she is 6-12 months old but she may not grow taller after 6-8 months.

However, she might keep filling out until she is two years old. Nevertheless, just because she is getting broader does not indicate that she is putting on weight. In case you keep a close watch over your dog, you might observe that her body will broaden in due course.

Additionally, neck and legs may not appear as lanky and languorous as they used to when she was younger. The body will become stockier, and her eyes and ears will in proportion to her frame. Your Chihuahua will look immensely cute and cuddlesome even as an adult.


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