How long does a Chihuahua stay in heat?

If you’re seriously considering adopting a chihuahua as a pet, then go for a female dog. The female chihuahua not only makes a perfect family pet but is also less aggressive than her male counterpart. However, if you’re planning on breeding the female, you’ll have to keep yourself informed about her heat cycle.

As far as your chihuahua is concerned, you may not be able to pinpoint exactly when she experiences a heat cycle for the first time. That said, a majority of female chihuahuas experience their first heat cycle within six months to one year. Female chihuahuas have at least one heat or at most, two heat cycles in a year, lasting about three weeks. 

A Chihuahua’s First Heat

Bear in mind that the heat cycle is an extremely crucial stage in your female chihuahua’s life, and you’ll need to take good care of her. If you neglect her while she’s in heat, there is a chance that you may be left with a litter that she doesn’t care for. The first time a chihuahua enters into heat varies from one female to another.

Important Precautions

While most of the females may experience their first heat cycle as soon as they become adults, some do not have it until a year or later. Female chihuahuas in heat tend to be extremely promiscuous, thereby attracting the attention of males. She will experience bleeding during the heat cycle, so it is important to take precautions to protect your couches and other furniture that are prone to staining.

Providing the Right Care & Consulting the Vet

Some female chihuahuas have their first heat cycle after they turn two years old; however, such instances are few and between. If you feel that your chihuahua is yet to have her first heat cycle, a visit to the vet is strongly recommended.

A chihuahua should not reproduce in her very first heat cycle. When the female experiences a heat cycle for the first time, she tends to remain quite sensitive.

Impregnated In The First Heat Cycle

If you allow her to become pregnant during her first cycle, there’s a high chance of her developing complications that could endanger her life. It’s better for you as well as her to wait until the onset of her second cycle to get pregnant. Your female chihuahua’s body will be fully prepared to carry puppies by the time she experiences her second heat cycle.  

Dealing With Your Chihuahua’s Heat

The heat cycle of a female chihuahua lasts about three weeks, or 21 days, which is much less compared to most other dog breeds. Nevertheless, the entire phase of the heat cycle is a very critical time for the female dog.

Do not simply disregard your dog’s heat cycle as a natural or biological event but do whatever it takes to keep her safe and comfortable. Follow these guidelines to enable your pet chihuahua to have a smooth and trouble-free heat cycle:

  • Exercise extreme caution while dealing with your chihuahua when she is in heat. She could be a tad sensitive and irritable during this period.
  • Make sure you keep her quarantined the moment you observe the first signs and symptoms that she’s in heat. Make sure that she is not close to any male in case this is her first heat cycle. 
  • Keep her on a leash, especially when you take her out for a walk and never allow any male dog to come anywhere near her.
  • Wrap her butt with a doggy diaper to prevent blood off your floor and other surfaces.

 While your chihuahua needs extra attention during her heat cycle, having patience and giving her extra love can help you both make it through.


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