Can Dogs Eat Broccoli?

They sure can! In and of itself, broccoli is not poisonous for dogs. Dogs are able to digest both cooked and uncooked broccoli without a problem.

We’ve all seen it; the iconic scene in sitcoms and movies where a child doesn’t want to eat their vegetables, but mom said they can’t be excused from the table until they do. So, they secretly feed parts of their dinner to the dog, eagerly hanging around under the table for convenient scraps the family will drop. But, is broccoli something your dog can eat without consequences?

Dogs are classified as omnivores, meaning they can eat both vegetables and meat in their diet. Everyone knows that chocolate isn’t good for dogs, but there are plenty of human food that isn’t widely thought about in conjunction with our canine companions. Luckily, broccoli is much less hazardous for Fido than a bite of a chocolate bar. No need to worry if your kid is feeding your beloved family pooch their broccoli under the table!

How Much Broccoli Can My Dog Eat?

You shouldn’t give them very much. While broccoli is very good for us, with all that vitamin C and fiber, it doesn’t provide the same benefits to dogs. A human sized portion of broccoli can cause stomach irritation in canines, but a bite or two won’t be a big deal. This is because broccoli contains isothiocyanates; the enzymes that can cause your dog to have a tummy ache. Many plants contain that because it helps protect them from insects and certain infections while they grow.

The exact amount of broccoli your dog can eat depends mostly on your dog’s size. Obviously, a bigger dog can consume more broccoli before having a stomach ache. The right amount of broccoli is less than ten percent of their overall diet. In fact, if a dog consumes more than twenty-five percent of their overall diet in broccoli, the toxicity can sometimes be fatal. If your dog eats an unreasonable amount of broccoli, make sure to take them in to your local veterinarian at once!

Does Broccoli Make Dogs Fart?

It certainly might. Some dogs have sensitive stomachs so, even if they only eat a small amount, you should watch out for negative reactions like vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. Broccoli is high in fiber so you may find your pooch suffering from excessive gas after eating some. Broccoli can even have that type of effect on humans, so it isn’t surprising that your pooch might suffer the same way.

Is Broccoli Healthy For My Dog?

Just because you can give your dog broccoli, doesn’t mean you should. For one thing, many dogs simply dislike the taste. In addition, be careful to only give the dog the head of the broccoli, or the part that looks like a treetop. The stem of the broccoli piece is harder for your puppy to swallow and digest. Some people have had to bring their dogs into the emergency room because the stem gets lodged in their throat and they can’t get it out. Best to avoid the situation entirely! So, if your dog wants to participate in the family meal, just be sure to cut off the broccoli top.

One thing to be on the lookout for, if your dog is snacking on your dinner preparations, is which, if any, spices were used. There are plenty of seasonings we frequently enjoy on our veggies that are fine for us, but not so good for the pup. If you are enjoying this article, check out our article on the best dog food for shelties.

What Are The Benefits Of Broccoli For Dogs?

Your canine friend doesn’t require vegetables, like broccoli, in the same way that humans do, but there are still some benefits to its consumption. Broccoli does contain vitamin K which can help with an elderly pooch’s bone density. That’s especially important in your senior pup’s golden years, since their bone density has deteriorated already.

Besides bone density, broccoli can also provide a small boost of vitamin C, which our bodies use to prevent certain types of diseases. Dogs don’t need nearly as much as humans, but their kidneys can take care of any excess they might ingest. Vitamin C can help prevent some kinds of cancer and other infections. 

Having a little definitely won’t hurt your pup and a few heads of broccoli might help with their bones and warding off illness, but don’t forget to get your dog checked out on a regular basis. Keep in mind that a small amount of broccoli is no replacement for medical treatments! Your veterinarian is your best resource for keeping your puppy a happy and healthy pooch. If you are enjoying this article, check out our article on the best dog food for Australian shephard puppies.


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