Can Dogs Eat Blackberries?

As is well known, healthy human snacks can prove to be healthy for our dogs. Let’s take blackberries as an example. Blackberries are considered non-toxic and healthy for dogs and can provide many benefits.

1. Rich in Antioxidants

Most people have never heard of Anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is mostly found in fruits like blackberries which are purple-colored. Such an antioxidant helps lower your dog’s risk of cancer.

2. Blackberries Contain Vitamin C

Just like citrus fruits, blackberries are a good source of vitamin C. Healthy dogs don’t need big amounts of blackberries, but those with vitamin C deficiency need to eat blackberries at least once a day. It’s worth noting that dogs with hip dysplasia are recommended to eat blackberries because they can help them with collagen conservation. If you are enjoying this article, check out our article on the best dog food for miniature schnauzer.

3. Rich In Fiber

These wonderful berries are high in fiber. Fiber helps to stimulate the bowels and help prevent obesity.

4. B Vitamins

Loss of appetite might be a sign that your dog has a vitamin B deficiency. Adding blackberries to his diet may help.

Please remember that not all berries are good for your puppy pal. Identify your berries before you feed them to your pet.

Blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries are completely safe. Toxic berries are fairly easy to locate in wooded areas, and they are abundant, so pay close attention.

Warnings and Recommendations

It must be stated that the way in which your dog eats his blackberries is important. Understand the potential risks, so that they can be avoided.

Blackberries are safe for your dog in moderation.

Too many blackberries means too much sugar. Too much sugar can cause a great deal of harm to your dog.

Sugar is not so much the problem. The issue develops when too much of it is consumed. Too much sugar can cause inflammation and poor circulation.

This does not happen often, but it is a remote possibility when too much sugar is consumed.

A large amount of sugar for humans is a very very large amount of sugar for dogs. Large amounts of blackberries can bring about diabetes. If you are enjoying this article, check out our article on the best dog food for great pyrenees.

Serving Ideas

Feeding your dog blackberries on occasion is a great idea. Use them as a reward, but not more than twice a week.

Also remember what you have fed him in the previous week.  If your dog has eaten other fruits already, you can skip the blackberries. In the end, too much sugar is a problem, no matter where it comes from.

All in all blackberries can help in many ways. Problems with obesity, digestion issues and loss of appetite may be resolved. Blackberries are always a great treat for man’s best friend. If you are enjoying this article, check out our article on the best dog food for anal gland.


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