Best Dog Food For Shar Pei

Their distinctive looks and their loyal personality make Shar Pei a popular choice for dog lovers who want a middle-sized breed. This adorable breed needs proper nutrition and plenty of exercise to stay healthy. An adult Shar Pei generally needs about 1,300 calories daily. However, this calorie requirement will vary based on your Shar Pei’s age and activity level.

The best dog food for a Shar Pei will reduce the risks of diseases such as skin fold infections and hip dysplasia. This means that the ideal dog food for your dog should have nutritional properties that address the health issues the particular breed is susceptible to.

Our Top Picks


  • Instinct Original dry dog food is high protein dog food made with probiotics to support healthy digestion and omegas for skin & coat. 


  • The Honest Kitchen Thrive dog food is limited ingredient dog food
  • Minimalist ingredients, free range chicken and quinoa recipe designed for dogs

Our Recommend Top 8 Dog Food For Shar Peis

That adorable wrinkly skin of your Shar Pei needs a nutrient-rich formula to stay shiny and healthy. The Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Dry Dog Food does this job well. Full of healthy protein, omega 3 and healthy carbohydrates, this dog food is a balanced formula that delivers all the nutrients your dog needs.

This is an easy to digest food that addresses health conditions that the Shar Pei breed is susceptible to, skin infections and hip dysplasia. This is one of the best dog foods for your Shar Pei.

Blue Buffalo has designed a grain-free formula that is perfect for Shar Pei especially one that is sensitive to gluten. Rich in protein, essential minerals and vitamins, this Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food is one of the best dog foods you can feed your Shar Pei.

Cold-formed to preserve nutrients, this brand of dog food will provide a nutritionally balanced meal for your Shar Pei.  method to preserve vital nutrients.

If you are looking for a good quality budget dog food for your Shar Pei, American Journey’s Salmon & Brown Rice dog food is the best bet for you. With high-quality natural ingredients like salmon, oatmeal, blueberries and flaxseed, your pooch will get all the nutrients he needs and you won’t have to spend a fortune.

The added fiber in this dog food makes it the best dog food option if your Shar Pei has a sensitive stomach or is prone to digestive issues. The omega 3 fatty acids will keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy and reduce the risk of skin infections.

Shar Pei tend to be prone to bone disease and this formula has been enriched with extra calcium and phosphorous to nurture healthy bones. This dog food from Solid Gold is packed with nutrient-dense foods including pumpkin, salmon oil, blueberries and cranberries.

The antioxidants in this Solid Gold Holistique Blendz Fish Meal Recipe, will keep your Shar Pei’s immune system robust and keep his skin healthy. Your Shar Pei needs a well-balanced nutritional meal and this Solid Gold dog food is one of the best dog foods for your Shar Pei.

NomNomNow is a premium dog food brand that specializes in personalized dog foods to meet your dog’s individual nutritional needs. If your Shar Pei is a fussy eater this may be the best dog food for them. It is freshly prepared and depending on your dog’s needs you can pick from pork, turkey, chicken, and beef-based formulas.

NomNomNow Tasty Turkey Fare is available for delivery right to your doorstop making it convenient for Shar Pei owners who want to save on time.

If your Shar Pei has a sensitive stomach, this is the best dog food for them. Grain-free formulas provide easy to digest meals that are easy on your dog’s stomach. This dog food has limited ingredients which also suits Shar Pei’s with sensitive stomachs by reducing the number of ingredients they need to digest at mealtimes.

Packed with added minerals and vitamins such as calcium and glucosamine, this dog food will boost your dog’s bone health and reduce the risk of hip dysplasia. The omega 3 &6 fatty acids promote good skin and shiny coats and reduce your Shar Pei’s risk of skin infections.

Shar Pei’s tend to be susceptible to food allergies, and if your Shar Pei falls in this category, this is the best dog food for them. Instinct by Nature’s Variety Original Grain-Free recipe is specifically formulated to suit the needs of allergy-prone dogs. It is grain and gluten-free and packed with probiotics which help to boost proper digestion.

The recipe includes chicken and chickpeas which are rich in proteins and essential vitamins to keep your Shar Pei healthy. This dog food is ideal for active dogs to its high protein content. 

The Best Way to Feed Shar Pei


When your Shar Pei is young, they will need more protein to help with building muscle. During this puppy stage, the ideal calories to feed your Shar-Pei per day is approximately 1000 calories. Focus on protein-rich foods made from high-quality meat sources that deliver enough protein for your Shar Pei’s growth.


By the time they are eight months, Shar Pei’s are usually fully-grown adults. At this stage, you need to change from the puppy diet to an adult dog food. Ideally, your adult sharpie should be on 1300 calories or more a day depending on how active they are.


The right time to start feeding your Shar Pei a senior’s diet will be after the seven-year mark. At this point, it is best to reduce calorie intake to 1000 calories per day since older Shar Peis will tend to be less active. Too many calories can lead to excessive weight gain which brings with it a host of health problems.


Dog food typically comes with serving instructions. However general guidelines are a cup of food thrice a day for your shar-pei puppy. Adult Shar Pei can be fed twice a day.


Dogs love their doggie treats and Shar Peis are no different. Have a few treats to keep your Shar Pei happy but always ensure that treats do not make up a major part of your dog’s diet. Dog treats should be kept to below 10% of your dog’s diet. Ensure that your Shar Pei is mostly eating nutritious and well-balanced dog food.

What to Look For When Choosing a Dog Food for Your Shar Pei

  • Always go for good quality foods that are nutritionally balanced.
  • If your Shar Pei is not sensitive to grains, good quality kibble with some grains is ideal for their health.
  • Your Shar Pei’s dog food should ideally contain at least 22% protein content.
  • To reduce the risk of obesity and pancreatitis, go for dog foods that have moderately low fat content. The best dog food for your Shar Pei will contain12 to16 % fat.
  • Fiber is good for your Shar Pei’s digestion so the best dog foods for them will contain a natural source of fiber.
  • Prebiotics are a vital ingredient in your Shar Peis dog food since they promote good digestive health. Check for foods that contain probiotics especially if your Shar Pei has stomach sensitivities.
  • Shar Peis tend to put on weight easily so always check the calorie content of the dog food before you purchase. Excess weight increases the risk of health conditions so keeping your Shar Pei at a healthy weight is important.

How Do You Transition Your Shar Pei to a New Dog Food

Dogs can be fussy when it comes to switching from their favorite meal to a different type of food. The easiest way to make the switch is to gradually introduce the new dog food to your Shar Pei’s meal. Start by adding a portion of the new food to your dog’s regular meal. Slowly increase this portion as your dog gets used to it until you finally phase out the old dog food.

Monitor any negative reactions to the new food as this will help you identify any possible allergens in the new dog food you want to introduce to your Shar Pei.

Conditions to Watch Out For in Your Shar Pei


The Shar Pei breed tends to be prone to hypothyroidism. This means that you need to watch the number of carbohydrates in your Shar Pei’s dog food since hypothyroidism has been linked to excessive consumption of carbohydrates. Feed your Shar Pei nutritionally balanced meal with sufficient protein, vitamins and carbohydrates in a healthy ratio.

Elbow and Hip Dysplasia

Dog foods rich in calcium and protein are necessary for proper bone health. Shar Pei can be susceptible to elbow and hip dysplasia, especially if they are overweight. A healthy weight and nutrient-rich diet can help in reducing the risk of this condition.


Shar Pei are known for their characteristic wrinkly skin. Unfortunately the eyelashes can be forced inwards by the wrinkles leading to entroption. A good diet can keep the wrinkles at bay. Dog foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids are especially good for your Shar Pei’s skin so you can make them part of your dog’s regular diet.


Bloat is a common problem for Shar Pei. This can be prevented by feeding smaller meals throughout the day rather than two big meals. A slow feeder bowl will also help to prevent bloat that results from fast eating. Dry foods are also more likely to cause bloat so mixing dry foods and moisture-rich foods in your dog’s diet may help in eliminating bloat.


Skin allergies are a common concern for Shar Pei. Some of these allergies are diet-related while others may have other causes. Ultimately the number one health concern for Shar Pei are skin infections and allergies.

The best dog food for your Shar Pei is a formula that includes vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy and shiny coat. If you notice that your Shar Pei is losing hair or itching, they might have skin infections and you need to have your vet look at it.

Sensitive stomach

Dogs can have food allergies and identifying which foods trigger your Shar Pei’s allergies is important. Symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea after eating particular foods indicate that there is something in your Shar Pei’s dog food that is triggering an allergic reaction. Monitor how your Shar Pei reacts to different dog foods and eliminate the ones that cause him digestive distress.

Shar Pei fever

This condition occurs when the hock joint swells. When your Shar Pei has this condition, they will have trouble moving, this fever requires medical attention and should be treated early to avoid further health complications.


Shar Pei’s are adorable to look at and make great family pets. They thrive in most environments provided they receive quality care. Like any other dog breed, quality dog food is essential for your Shar Pei’s health and identifying the best dog food for your pooch will save you a lot of health complications down the line. A well-fed dog is a happy dog and knowing what dog food is best for your Shar Pei will go a long way in keeping him healthy and happy.


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