Best Dog Food For Newfoundlands

Newfoundland dog breed is the ultimate combination of “bold and beautiful”. They are huge, majestic and can perform heavy tasks effortlessly. This breed is one of the most loyal ones and stays with you forever. Their big stature makes them suitable for difficult jobs so they can be your work companion.

The purpose of all this debate is that behind a happy dog is the strong support of a nutritious diet. Diet promotes your dog's metabolism and activity stamina. Not only for work but longevity and safety from recurring diseases, you always prefer the food first.

This is why we are going to let you know the best dog food for Newfoundlands and ways to spice them up.

Top Winning Product From Our List

  • Promotes lean muscle development and joint health in active adult dogs with a combination of animal protein.
  • Helps keep dogs sharp and supports healthy brain function with DHA and vitamin E
  • High-quality chicken is the first ingredient for protein that powers their day

Features of Newfoundland Dogs:

The best step to learn more about your dog’s diet is to understand fully the features and characteristics of the breed.

Family Dog:

The Newfoundland dogs are extremely family-centered. Your kids can play with them throughout the day and you needn't worry about anything. On top of that, they can also help you with parenting. They will look after your kids and when fully trained, can babysit them too, metaphorically.

It is very rare as most of the time you have to build this feature in all the breeds. But with Newfoundlands, it's nothing like that. They are attracted to kids and are a master at playing Frisbee. This is the basic cause that even in films, you will see Newfoundland dog mostly as a family one.

Not An Indoor Dog:

We don't consider this as a con because dogs are wild and wild things don't belong inside the door. If you are that person who takes the dog out for a walk once in a blue moon, then this breed is not for you. The best dog food for Newfoundlands can only help you to some extent, activity is the main thing.

They can only connect with you through some natural cause. It is not that they won’t adjust in a fully closed apartment, but you’ll notice the declining activity level.

The Newfoundlands belong to the wild and outdoor trips are just like oxygen to them.

An Intelligent Breed:

This dog breed is just so intelligent that they pick up at once whatever you teach them. No more tiring repetition of lessons, as professional trainers emphasize that Newfoundlands would understand the thing the second time you tell them.

This makes their training a piece of cake. You don't have to go for professional help. Your money is saved and you will have a wholly trained dog in no time. Keeping that aside, they also learn very quickly where should they go for the toilet purpose. You will have a clean home along with your loyal animal companion.

Diet formula for the Newfoundland dogs:

Weight gain capacity:

We acknowledge that pet parents want to see their pets chubby and well-fed. This seems cute at first but once your dog starts gaining weight, the reversal becomes a herculean task. Especially with the Newfoundland dog breed, the weight gain can put them at the stake of multiple scary diseases.

Two meals a day is the best diet formula for most of the dog breeds. As Newfoundland dog is a bit heavy, you may add snacks too. Going far from this would result in a sick dog, with many digestive disorders.

Food variety:

Your Newfoundland dog needs a very balanced diet. You may go with rice dishes, potatoes, pumpkins or even fruit. We will recommend you to just cut the vegetables, and that your dog likes and make a smoothie out of it. You can also add milk into sliced apples and honey to sweeten the mixture.

Then make a thick paste and feed it to your dog through a spoon. It takes no time and is full of energy that lasts until the end of the day. The easiest way is just to make the one day portion so you need not go through the repetition.

Food portions:

As we just mentioned food portions, we have to explain it too. The food portions help you in keeping a strict eye on your dog's diet and extend the diet chart. By dividing the meals into tiny sizes, you can use a bit of every food item.

It is important as science has also proved the efficient role of the food portion in maintaining the size and growth of your canine friend. This technique saves your pet from being exposed to many diseases like diabetes.

You can also go for the raw meat but make sure it is without bones. Bones harm Newfoundlands like nothing else. They directly target the digestive tract and can cause an abdominal disturbance.

Best Dog Food For Newfoundlands

It is the best dog food for Newfoundlands that are two years old and weigh more than 100 lbs. It has glucosamine and DHA that support your dog's strong bones and cartilage. These two things are most crucial when we talk about the canine's brain growth as well.

It promotes cellular health by acting as a catalyst for the anti-oxidants. Taurine which is the basic element in Royal Canin's package protects your animal's heart too. It keeps the heart rate at the normal level and maintains the rhythmic pattern as well.

Key features:

  • Taurine
  • Cellular health
  • Heart protection
  • Bone health

It is a complete and nutritious food for the Newland puppies 15 months or older. If your dog weighs 55 lbs. then it is the most crucial phase for the development. The lean muscle mechanism requires your attention as it decides the future power stamina of your animal.

It keeps that sharp sense of the dog alive and intact and boosts the brainstorming in your animal. As a result, you have a cheery and playful dog in your house.

Key features:

  • Nutritious diet
  • Complete food
  • Lean muscle mechanism
  • Brainstorming

The diamond’s dog food made it to our list as they have added real chicken in the diet meal. With 30% extra protein, your dog runs faster, plays more and sheds lesser than before. The simplest tip is to look for the protein content as the best dog food for Newfoundlands are distinctive in this regard.

The presence of Omega fatty acids helps in a shiny coat and better skin.

Key features:

  • 30% extra protein
  • Real chicken
  • Omega fatty acids
  • Shiny coat

This is probably the best dog food for Newfoundlands if we talk about a balanced diet. It has got proteins in a neutral ratio so they don't cross the safe limits. They help in promoting the size growth of your animal and keep the shedding at bay. You need not worry about the digestion, because they also take care of that.

Petcurean’s dog food omega oils that preserve your animal’s skin and nail health. The anti-oxidants guard the immunity so your pet is at a huge distance from the diseases.

Key features:

  • Balanced proteins
  • Omega oils
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Stronger immunity

The instinct's dog food has the grain-free feature that distinguishes it from the others. They have added fiber so the food gets digested in no time. The kibble size is moderate so it goes for both puppies and grown-up pets.

Key features:

  • Grain-free
  • Moderate kibble size
  • Fiber
  • Better Digestion
Wrapping Up

Hence, Newfoundlands have got a huge food variety for themselves so all you have to do is just to go with the best one you prefer.


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