Best Dog Food for German Shepherd

The German Shepherd dog is famous for being an intelligent, tough, and powerful dog breed. As such, it’s important to consider their diet so they have the correct nutritional balance to develop their body and maintain their health. From our perspective, the best dog food for German Shepherds is Natural Balance L.I.D. Lamb & Brown Rice Formula. Several other options are worth reviewing, too, so we’re going to show you the best of the best in terms of dog food for this breed.

Natural Balance L.I.D. Lamb & Brown Rice Formula

The Natural Balance pet food line has limited ingredients, so it’s very good for a German Shepherd that has a touchy stomach. However, many other things make this the best food for your dog on the market today. For one thing, all the protein is from a single, high-quality source- lamb. While it might only have 22% crude protein, which is more than enough to provide your dog with all the lean muscle-building it needs to grow strong. The food is all-natural, with no artificial flavors or colors in the food. Moreover, the food supports proper digestion for your dog, making it easier than ever to ensure your dog has an overall sense of health. The food might be a tad on the expensive side but it’s somewhat easy to find in most stores, so you don’t have to hunt for it.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Dog Food

The Blue Buffalo is renowned for helping large dogs get the nutrition they need to grow up big and strong. In this case, the high protein content of the food makes it a great way to give your dog all the power it needs throughout their life. The primary ingredient for this brand is chicken, and it has 30% crude protein included in the mix. Another great thing about this product is that it comes with essential vitamins, a lot of antioxidants, and other minerals that are purposely included to aid with bone and joint health and muscle growth. This food is perfect for adult dogs, but you should make sure the grain-free formula works for your dog as they get older.

Instinct Raw Boost Large Breed Puppy Food

Before your German Shepherd can be a big, strong dog, it will need to be a growing puppy. That is why the Instinct Raw Boost Large Breed food should be on your list. It’s a fantastic option for puppy food for your German Shepherd. Made with real chicken, this high protein kibble is made with raw ingredients and then freeze-dried to retain as much of the nutrition as possible. This uses fish, poultry, and meat proteins to provide your dog with all the different sorts of protein they need to grow up fast. The product also contains DHA, allowing for better brain and eye development in the pup. The bites are small enough that your dog can eat them with ease but without wanting to scarf it all down at once. The food is moderately priced and found in many pet stores.

Dr. Gary’s Best Breed German Dog Diet

This form of Dr. Gary’s food is specifically made for the unique requirements of a German Shepherd. The majority of the protein in this is derived from chicken and fish that will help your large breed dog get strong. This formula is perfect for active dogs that are involved in a lot of activity. The omega fatty acids in this food are great because they promote a healthy coat for your dog. Also, the other vitamins and nutrients support immune system development and joint health as your dog continues to grow.

Purina Beyond Grain-Free Adult Canned Dog Food

The Purina Beyond mixture is a wet canned dog food that is perfect for people that want to mix up their dog’s nutrition. It’s a grain-free mixture that works for many German Shepherds in terms of its appeal to the dogs. Another great aspect of this mix is that it is all-natural. All the food can be traced back to the sources while also not including artificial preservatives or colors. There are different flavors included in the large packs of this food, too. While it’s expensive food overall, it’s easy to find and your dog will enjoy eating it.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dog Food

The one thing about German Shepherds as they age is that they tend to get sensitive stomachs. This particular food is good for sensitive stomachs and can help maintain healthy skin and coat. The secret is the ingredients used, including prebiotic fiber and easy digestibility. The vitamin mixture in the and omega fatty acids are great for the skin of your dog, too. The food mainly uses chicken as an ingredient, which can be very helpful in giving your dog a great flavor that they will enjoy along with a fair amount of protein. All in all, this food is inexpensive, intriguing, and widely available online if you can’t find it in your pet store of choice.


Many foods are on the market today that can help keep your German Shepherd in great shape. Any of the items listed here will give you a great balance of nutrition while also helping meet the needs of this unique breed. With high protein and unique flavors, even the pickiest dogs can find something to enjoy when they’re eating a bowl of these foods.


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