Best Dog Food For Cocker Spaniels

Stella and Chewy’s raw dog food tops the list of recommended brands for your cocker spaniel for many reasons. When your cocker spaniel acts moody and just won’t eat anything, this delicious raw food can help. You can use it as a topping on your dog’s everyday meal. Dog’s love the raw meat flavor.

This raw dog food doesn’t have any added hormones or antibiotics, so it’s 100% healthy for your pet. It is freeze-dried which means you can use it anytime you want. It has a long shelf life.

Key features:

Real meat flavor


No preservatives

No hormonal additives

No antibiotics

Rachael Ray is famous for her authentic dog food recipes. Her recipes only have ingredients that her own dog is fond of. Her dog foods also have no artificial flavors or added preservatives.

All the Rachel Ray dog food formulas contain real foods that serve the health of your cocker spaniel. The Nutrish Premium meal is full of antioxidants that help eliminate pollutants from your pet’s body. It contains essential fatty acids which can make your pet feel fuller with less food intake.

Key features:

Authentic recipes

Fatty acids


Improves coat health

This dog food is special because it uses lamb meat which is much more nutritious for dogs than any other meat. It also has a low percentage of water in the kibble compared to other popular brands. This dog food has a long shelf life, and the heavy texture makes it a perfect daily meal for your dog.

If the vet has told you that your cocker spaniel is overweight, this food is an ideal choice for weight loss. It doesn’t have any artificial fillers like corn or wheat which cause weight gain and even allergies in some dogs.

Moreover, for aging cocker spaniels, this is the best dog food as it is specifically designed to tackle age-related illnesses.

Key features:

Quality protein

No fillers

Promotes digestion

Strengthens immunity


Wellness Complete Health dog food is grain-free. This saves your pet from potential allergies and problematic digestion issues caused by eating grains. The deboned chicken, turkey, and white fish keeps your pet healthy and ensures normal bowel movements.

This dog food contains only high-quality proteins and minerals that directly impact the bone and nail health of your dog. The airtight sealed bag maintains the nutritional value of the food until it's time to feed it to your cocker spaniel. 

Key features:


Deboned chicken

Sealed bag

Keeps allergies at bay

It is impossible to discuss the best dog food for cocker spaniels and not mention Blue Buffalo. This company has an established reputation for high-quality dog food. Their Wilderness dog food is a great option for cocker spaniels who need to lose a few pounds and those who just want a tasty meal.

The most practical thing about this pet food is that the food ingredients are natural and simple. It consists mainly of chicken, berries, and vegetables which are light on your dog’s stomach. The kibbles are small enough for your cocker spaniel to chew easily.

Key features:


Balanced calories

Simple recipes


Whether you choose dry dog food, raw food, or home-cooked food, you have a lot of good options for feeding your cocker spaniel well. 

Cocker spaniel dogs are the best choice when you want a companion for outdoor activities. They tend to make their way into your heart quickly, and they are easy to train. You can be assertive or sporty with cocker spaniels. A distinctive characteristic of this dog breed is that they don't need constant pampering. Also, they can learn faster than many other breeds. 

Cocker spaniels are amazing pets, so their loving owners will want to know what is the best dog food to feed this breed. We have got a full guide to cover this discussion in every way possible. Keep reading to learn more.

Is a Cocker Spaniel the Right Dog for You?

Before we start discussing the cocker spaniel’s diet, we will go over some general features of the breed. This way you can decide if a cocker spaniel is the right dog for you. If you already have a cocker spaniel dog, you may learn something new about it. 


Let us tell it to you straight: cocker spaniels are among the most emotional animals you will ever see. They are more inclined than other dogs to learn about their owners and be in tune with them emotionally. These dogs want to be close to you. If you have to reprimand them for excessive barking or other unwanted behaviors, they will understand at once. These characteristics make this breed a perfect pet for your family.

Tolerance for cold

Cocker spaniels can survive easily in cold seasons. They are fluffy and have a warm fur coat which protects them even in brutal winters. If you live in a colder region, you do not need to worry about the survival of your pet on winter walks and other outdoor activities. They don’t even need any extra winter clothes. Their natural fur coat suffices well.

Weight gain

In dogs, weight gain is a big problem. Overweight dogs are at the highest danger of having a high blood sugar level. To keep your pet healthy, you can check their weight regularly on a digital scale. Talk to your vet to determine your cocker spaniel’s ideal weight.

Cocker spaniels have a tendency to gain weight in a shorter time span than other dog breeds. Pet parents can help by making a strict diet and not deviating from it. This also promotes a more active metabolism to keep your cocker spaniel healthy.

Dry dog food

Dry dog food may be the best dog food choice for many pet owners because it doesn't go stale too quickly. High-quality dry dog foods are full of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. The crunchy texture satisfies your pet's hunger pangs more than wet dog food.

High-protein Diet

Cocker spaniels can live a long, healthy life if their owners put them on a high-protein diet. Protein ensures strong immunity and quick digestion. It also keeps hair shedding to the minimum, which is especially important for cocker spaniels because they have a lot of fur. 

Home-Made Food:

More and more dog owners are choosing to make their own dog food. The ingredients present in every home like beans, eggs, and peanut butter can be excellent ingredients in nutritious dog food for cocker spaniels.


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